You should judge this book by its cover...

You should judge this book by its cover...
Boxing and Unboxing
As a maker and seller of beautiful things, I put a lot of consideration into how I package my pieces. Sure, the basic function of the box is to protect what's inside, but when all things are considered, the box is so much more than that.
The boxes must be beautiful, sturdy, reflect the preciousness of what's inside, and enhance the joy and excitement of opening a gift. It is also part of my practice to honour the three R's. Not reading, writing and 'rithmatic, though those are important too, but reduce, re-use and recycle. So, to follow my ethos I have chosen custom boxes which (a-hem) tick all these boxes.
Custom made boxes look and feel beautiful.  Made of quality, thick cardboard and finished with gold foil embossing, this packaging says "special". I want you to feel the luxury and preciousness of the gift you have chosen for yourself, or rest assured that the special something you have bought for someone else will be stylishly and thoughtfully presented.  
But how does having gorgeous custom packaging address the three R's you might wonder.  Well, in many ways it does.  Firstly, by using boxes that are a suitable size for the items they protect, I am reducing potential waste, and saving you money on unnecessary postage.  Secondly, my boxes are made from recycled material, and thirdly, these boxes are durable so you can use them for a long time to come.  
So too with the mailing carton and packing materials. I have chosen products which are sturdy and stylish, and where possible are ethically produced.  And I do hope that they will be used again and again. I would love to hear how you re-use them in your life.  Do you keep useful items in your mailing carton? Did a creative little person make something from the tissue paper and curly shred? 
And as a life long stationary nut, I can honestly say it has been a pleasure designing my packaging.  It is one of the joys of my job to figure these things out, and I am sure that I will finesse the boxing game as time goes on.  But for now, take a moment to watch The Unboxing which shows what its all about. 
Bye for now, Rose

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